Intuitive Readings FAQs

Every Spiritual guide, reader, psychic, medium…whatever they are or call themselves, is different. So here are the most common questions I get asked, and it will tell you a bit about what you can expect and experience with me.

What exactly are you “reading”?

I can best describe it as collective Spirit and your higher self.  It’s essentially your soul letting me know what you most need to know about with regards to what you have asked about or they feel you just need to hear/know.

I do some times get passed loved ones that come through unsolicited. And occasionally, angels or a well-known spiritual figure (like a Saint).

When looking at a specific situation and it’s outcome, I’m reading the energetic path you are headed on. Some will know this as Quantum Physic’s “String theory”. It’s just the trajectory you are currently on, and most importantly, It’s CHANGEABLE!!  This is why I started doing readings instead of continuing to just use my gifts for coaching and business consulting.  

The information gives you the power to make changes, because, “hey, that outcome sounds like it sucks!” Or else, “this is totally what I want the outcome to be.” So you now know to stay the course and don’t mess with things!

Should I be scared?

This might actually be the most common thing I hear… That someone is scared, or very nervous. So if you are feeling that way, you are definitely not alone!

Most important, above all else, this information is YOURS. This information is not mine, at all. I’m just the conduit/channel/voice for your information.  

This means that I try and give it to you uninterpreted through my knowledge and experiences, and as directly as I get it as possible. (I believe that, largely, this is why sometimes people have bad experiences with other readers prior to coming to me).  A lot of the time, the information won’t even make sense to me but has significant meaning to the person I am in session with. And that’s ok! That’s the way it should be…it’s YOUR information.  It’s not for me to understand but just to relay.

What if you tell me something bad, or something I don’t want to hear?

I think this is, for sure, the second most common question I get.  Spirit knows!  Your soul KNOWS!  They know you better than you know yourself and they are really good at giving me ques.

Sometimes they give me a lot of information that I never even share out loud, and I’m not supposed to.  It’s not bad shit.  It’s information so I have context for the best way to get you to come up with your own realizations and answers.

There is never really anything that I can tell you that some part of you doesn’t already know.  Especially with my training as a counselor and coach, I believe that what is most important and most powerful for you to create change and healing in your life; is that you come to things on your own.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a session?

The short of it…Nope!  Try and relax.  That’s it though.

I once gave readings to some lovely ladies that were having a bachelorette party and were running late for our appointment.  They were still at the casino and we did them anyway!

Spirit works anywhere.  I work anywhere.  You can be anywhere.

And don’t worry if you are in a state. A LOT of the people that come to me, at least the first time, are overwhelmingly confused, sad or depressed, maybe super stressed and frazzled. This is why you come… to get clarity. To help get direction and insights. To be reassured and supported.


If this was helpful, and you are feeling like you are ready to get the info and insight you are really needing…

Text me at 727-280-6177

Or, head over to Facebook and request an appointment on the calendar

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