Holistic Health Coaching FAQ


Sometimes we just know that what we have been doing on our own isn’t working or we just don’t even know what to do.

What can we work on?

We truly can work on whatever you desire!  Most commonly-people are looking to lose weight, transition out of a relationship or get help deciding to leave or stay, get over being single, make the “I have no idea what the hell I’m doing in life” feeling end, or just know that they are fucking TIRED!! They are tired of feeling the way they are feeling. Tired of the relationship dynamics never changing. Tired of not feeling supported in life, by anyone but themselves.

This is the beauty of working with me. It’s a completely tailored experience.  No cookie cutter programs. And we’ll do discovery…because the chance that you actually know exactly what the root is, or what you really need to focus on, is pretty unusual. And that’s OK!! That’s why we are going to do this together.

How long is this going to take and what kind of commitment do I need to make?

First of all, if you aren’t committed and willing to do whatever it takes to feel better-physically, mentally, emotionally…then this might not be for you. Or at least, not for you right now.

Second, we can decide together whether every week or every other week (and that can change at some point) is best for you and what you feel is going to help you the most right now.  I will set a perimeter around that it be at least 4 months in duration. We just can’t get to the depth, and work through what needs to be worked through, in less than 4 months. And it might sound weird, but I have had clients who become a little too dependent on sessions. So I suggest some commit to  6 or 8 months and then we will discuss how much longer this round might be continued for maximum results.  

It’s also very common that clients take a break for awhile-it could even be a few years-before they feel like they need the support and facilitation for change again. This is WONDERFUL!! That’s what I want for you.  Our success in working together is measured by the fact that you aren’t feeling like you need me anymore.

What makes you think you can help me?

I spent two years formally studying everything from counseling and nutrition, to epigenetics and relationships.  Then I stacked on a certification in NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming.  (That’s the Tony Robbins methodology.) I not only have been educated to find the interconnection between a lack of motivation at work and an improper diet (The first could be actually causing the second.); I believe deeply that no matter which area of focus we start on, we are going to improve them all!

I have extensive experience uncovering and identifying unseen issues and contributing factors.  Add in my special secret sauce, Spirit, and I just know stuff.  And when I know stuff, then I can help motivate and facilitate your changes-thoughts, speech, beliefs, and behaviors.

And honestly, everything in my nature and personality lines me up to be a really great accountability partner.  I’m an action-oriented doer.  And that means, I’m not just going to listen and be supportive but am going to incorporate activities, exercises, and push you  a bit further than you’d go on you own.  That approach is always balanced with a gentle awareness for where you are in that moment.

Interested in Moving Forward?

If you are loving what you are reading and know you are absolutely ready, then let’s schedule a complimentary discovery session.  We will learn more about each other, rough draft some goals or focus points, and get you all the information and answers to questions that you need to commit.

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