Employee Assistance Programs and Business Consulting FAQ

Alkemai focuses on organizational development in order to un-mine and refine an organization's existing resources to increase it's effectiveness, longevity, and profitability.

What would business consulting look like?

This can be an evaluation providing insights and issues previously undetected, with a report, and possible solutions.

Or, this can be a series of intuitive sessions giving you guidance on decisions and strategies. Particularly in the broad area of all things marketing-business development, branding, focus on a specific product/service or target market-mergers & acquisitions, new strategies, key personnel and culture issues.

What if we need more facilitation & hand-on assistance?

Operations and Organizational Development is where I am the most effective in a more involved manner. I can be on site as needed, and work on a project basis rather than contracted time.  That means I’m there and involved from evaluation through complete implementation. A super short version of that steps are involved:

  • Assess overall structure & effectiveness, as they exist

  • Create a plan to strengthen structures, strategies, and culture to support the new vision and/or desired outcome.

  • Align the organization's culture, value, and vision vertically to enhance performance.

Why should we create an EAP for our organization?

Let me be really clear…The pandemic has created disconnect and all types of struggles that your employees are dealing with every day.  Even before the pandemic, industries such as construction have historically had issues with employee turnover, trouble filling empty positions, and addiction & health issues.  All of these seriously impact the organization’s health and profitability.

Employees will do better at work when they can receive support, tools, and guidance to help with ALL areas of their life.  The sessions with would be able to be scheduled outside of work, if desired, and allows them to participate with anonymity.

Proven results from implementing an EAP in your workplace:

  • Cultivates loyalty and retention among existing employees

  • Attracts new employees

  • Increases communication and efficiency in and among teams

  • Promotes a higher level of productivity while decreasing overall costs

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