Siera Sambrosky

Evolution Alchemist | Intuitive Holistic Strategist

Ignite Your Innate Power and Create New Beginnings with Your Soul’s Knowing

Imagine experiencing a profound shift in your personal life and/or business where clarity, purpose, and

action converge to unlock your highest potential, give you a deep sense of fulfillment, and renew

your passion.

Let me show you the way through revitalization and reinvention together that lead to lead to long-lasting success with my guidance as a seasoned Intuitive & Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Business Consultant

Divinely Driven Success

(AKA Me on Retainer)

DDS is a need-based consulting package that is ideal for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals seeking support and a more self-guided breakthrough. This package provides clarity, direction, and specific insights & ideas around goals and problems as they arise in your business and your life. It also gives you full support and assistance with execution and tactical support as I dig in to the tasks and/or manage vendors with you.

You’ll receive two of mini sessions EACH month (for four months) on-demand as you need them.  These will help you deal with whatever comes up that you weren’t prepared for and gives you understanding of what was unknowable. It will help reveal facets of journey and decisions to help guide you to a higher level of clarity, success, and empowerment.

The full length sessions are more than just consultations; they are a deep, engaging experience that aligns your vision with actionable strategies and coaching, addressing any belief or healing work that is coming up. These sessions are your key to a thriving future and if you are looking to embrace the clarity, confidence, and creativity needed to elevate your life and business to unparalleled heights.

What it includes:

  • Four full-length consulting sessions one each month to help you address personal and/or business things that you need to find a solution and an action plan for.

  • Two text or email mini-consult readings/sessions each month for the duration of four months (8 in total) to help you deal with those decisions, situations, and scenarios that arise when you really need some counsel and expert perspective in the moment.

  • Unlimited email support for reviewing and participating in the creation of documents, emails, marketing materials, branding items, website, contracts, job descriptions, and operational tools, etc.

Shift in 6

(AKA The Hit-n-Git)

Shift in 6 is a powerful, multi-faceted package custom designed to propel you and/or your business forward with clarity, focus, and direction.

This is for those that are looking to get Shit done.It leverages a laser-focused and rapid paced structure to move you through to your desired outcome quickly.  It’s intense and only for those who have some sense of what specifically needs to be addressed and are super ready to work it until it is changed.

These sessions incorporate an holistic approach that combines strategy planning, intuitive guidance, personalized coaching, and actionable step-by-step guidance sessions, ensuring that you overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals faster than ever.  

What it Includes:

  • Six (6) Strategically-spaced coaching sessions over nine (9) Weeks

Business Soul Strategy Session

This is a half-day session only for business owners who want to align their business strategy with their personal energy.  They are ready to work from their soul's purpose, to assess what needs tweaked and the specific action steps to create the business growth and personal success they have been wanting.

Unstuck Session

This is a single intuitive reading session for getting answers to your questions, guidance on a decision, help with hiring a new employee or vendor, or receiving insight into any area of your life.

Like all the sessions, you will receive comprehensive answers and step-by-step action items directly from your higher self and Source.


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